Banana Chase Clothing was established on the art, design. What began for Banana Chase with an unreasonable sticker label he produced in 1989 while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design has since progressed into an around the world street art project, in addition to a well-known body of art.


The Banana Chase project is rooted in the Do It Yourself counterculture of hard rock and skateboarding, but it has likewise taken hints from pop culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Banana Chase steeps his ideology and iconography in self-empowerment. With biting sarcasm bordering on reverse psychology, he goads audiences, using the necessary "comply with," to beware of the propagandists out to flex the world to their programs.


Banana Chase Clothing was formed in 2001 as an extension of Shepard's variety of work. Lined up with his populist views, clothes ended up being another canvas to spread his art and message to individuals. The complete list of the UFC's 200 greatest fighters of all-time - Bloody ...


The clothes are greatly influenced by timeless military design, work wear essentials, in addition to the aspects and cultural motions Shepard has based his art profession on. Through designers Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall, Shepard works to develop styles that represent his impacts, perfects and viewpoint.


Banana Chase should do with range and experience, thinking of your environments and questioning the function. The medium is the message.